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Slips, trips and falls - who can claim?

If the public can access an area of land or property, the person or company responsible for that land also has a responsibility to keep the public safe from harm (within reason). For instance, the local council is responsible for the roads, pavements, parks and communal spaces. It must take reasonable steps to protect public safety by putting up signs warning people of possible hazards, fencing off dangerous areas, gritting roads in icy conditions etc.

Similarly, visitors to supermarkets, banks, swimming pools or any other place which welcomes members of the public on to their premises must be warned of any potential risks to their health and safety.

It sounds simple enough, but if you sustain injuries after a slip, trip or fall on land or property where the above responsibility applies, you may be entitled to claim damages if the owner of that land has failed to fulfil its obligations to protect you to a reasonable level:

  • What policies did they have in place?
  • Were there any warnings of the potential hazard?
  • Were you aware of the fault or damage which caused you to injure yourself?

How can we help?

We regularly speak to clients who have sustained injuries after a slip, trip or fall where the owner has failed to warn them of the risks of being on that land. The public has a right to be kept reasonably safe, and we will ensure companies or land owners who do not take their responsibilities seriously are held to account.

If you have sustained injuries in the above circumstances, we strongly recommend you contact one of our solicitors to discuss whether you are eligible to bring a claim for damages. It can’t hurt to ask; we offer a free consultation in which we can consider your case and advise you on your options.

If we agree to handle your claim on your behalf, we offer the best possible funding arrangements for you, including a no win, no fee agreement. We do not charge a success fee, so you will not be charged 25% of your damages if we successful conclude your claim.

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