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When somebody close to us dies it can be a very stressful and confusing time. When faced with dealing with an estate you are likely to come across lots of unfamiliar terminologies and you will no doubt have many questions. There may also be many issues that you haven’t yet considered.

If you decided to take on the responsibility of dealing with somebody’s estate there are many issues that you will need to consider. Hopefully, the following guide will help to answer some of your questions.

| How we can help you

Dealing with a person’s estate can sometimes be overwhelming. At Levi Solicitors, we aim to offer a sympathetic, efficient and cost-effective service.

We are aware that every estate is unique. That’s why we aim to tailor our probate services to suit your needs. We also try to provide a fixed price from the outset if possible.

There are three different levels of service to choose from:

  • Grant of representation only service
  • Bespoke service
  • Full probate service

Our wills glossary contains thorough definitions of any legal terminology you may came across.

| Grant of representation only service

This is the most basic service we provide and is suitable for PRs who are confident dealing with the majority of the work themselves. Our involvement will be limited to:

  • Preparing the probate application
  • Completing the inheritance tax return
  • Obtaining the grant of representation from the court

The PRs would be responsible for all other areas of the estate administration, including gathering in all the information we require to complete the application and collecting in and distributing the estate.

We will always agree a fixed fee for this service from the outset.

Bespoke service

By using our bespoke service, you can decide from the outset what you would like us to deal with and what you are happy to deal with yourself. For example, you may be happy to deal with the contents of the house and all of the utilities yourself, but you may want us to deal with the banks and the sale of the house. We aim to provide you with a fixed fee at the outset of a bespoke service case where possible.

| Full probate service

This service is suitable for those PRs who want to place the administration of the whole estate in our hands. This option is particularly suited to complicated estates and to those PRs who simply do not want the day to day stresses involved in administrating an estate.

Most estates dealt with in this way will be charged on the basis of the amount of time required to complete the administration.

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