The Medical Negligence Claims Process

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At Levi Solicitors, we understand that the idea of pursuing a medical negligence claim can feel both intimidating and confusing. 

We want to make sure that everything is as clear as possible, so have set out the medical negligence claims process.

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Initial consultation

When you first get in touch with us at Levi Solicitors, we’ll start by arranging an initial consultation. During our consultation we’ll have the opportunity to discuss the specifics of your medical negligence experience, and what the implications have been on your life and your health.

We will gain a clear picture of whether or not you have a claim, including the chances of success, and our options to proceed.

Where we believe that you have a case, we can begin to advise you on what to expect throughout the claims process for medical negligence compensation. At this stage, your medical negligence solicitor will also explain whether your case is eligible for ‘no win, no fee’ funding, and how this works.

Claims process

The first step in pursuing a medical negligence claim is investigating the specifics of the incident. At this stage, our clinical negligence solicitors will consult medical experts and may ask you to provide a witness statement.

Depending on the case, the claims process works a little differently for every client. Generally, our solicitors will work with you to establish the details, identify any issues with your claim, and start the process of building your case.

Consulting medical experts and investigating the circumstances of the incident allows us to understand why the incident took place, and what should have been done to avoid it.

Your solicitor will draft a Letter of Claim which establishes the medical negligence allegations, explaining your claim to the defendant.

Settling your claim

Where the defendant accepts that they are responsible for medical negligence, your medical negligence solicitor will begin the negotiations to settle your claim. The process may include a number of negotiation methods and stages, whether that’s drafting offers in writing, or discussions via mediation.

Where the defendant denies that medical negligence occurred, and we are unable to settle the case out of Court, your solicitor will pursue Court proceedings to conclude the case.

For a free initial chat, contact our medical negligence specialists on 0800 988 7756. Or fill in our contact form, and we will call you back.

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