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GP Misdiagnosis

‘Rachel’ awarded £30,000

Rachel was in her 70s when she started to suffer with urinary tract infections (UTIs) that wouldn’t go away.

She was referred to the hospital and prescribed an antibiotic, Nitrofurantoin.

Her GP kept her on Nitrofurantoin (on repeat prescription) but failed to monitor her lung and liver function which was clearly advised in the guidance given to those prescribing the drug, particularly when the patient is older, and the drug is used for more than a few months at a time.

In Rachel’s case repeat prescriptions weren’t checked, nor was the patient called in for a review despite Rachel showing symptoms that should have alerted the doctor to what was happening in her lungs before she was admitted to hospital as an emergency.

The hospital doctors diagnosed drug induced pulmonary fibrosis that could have been avoided if Rachel had been monitored and if her repeat prescription for Nitrofurantoin had been changed or stopped.

Rachel got the treatment she needed to reduce the effects of her condition and received £30,000 to help with the extra costs that the condition involved.

GP Misdiagnosis Success Story Team

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