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GP Negligence Claim

Delay in diagnosis of advanced kidney disease


A claim against the GP for failing to diagnose or refer the client for tests that would allow for a timely diagnosis of advanced kidney disease.

Lisa attended her GP for nearly 18 months where they regularly took blood, carried out ultrasound scans, and tested her urine, diagnosing urine infections when she complained of dizziness, headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite as well as fatigue.

The condition was identified during IVF treatment and after hospital tests, she was referred for dialysis and taken off the IVF list as treatment couldn’t continue instead being put on the kidney transplant list.

After several years a successful kidney transplant took place, but the client had lost the chance to have IVF so turned to fostering.

The expert evidence confirmed that the kidney problems would have got to the stage of needing a transplant but that the GPs poor treatment was so far below the standard that should have been provided that the transplant was required earlier than it would have been and compensation was paid for the period of the delay, with the damages covering the pain and suffering (both physical and psychological) experienced because of the delays, as well as for the expenses incurred during that period for IVF that would never have been successful because of the kidney issues.

These failures had an appalling impact on Lisa’s health and wellbeing, and nothing could fully compensate her for this.  Case was settled for a gross of £32,000 for the 12-month period relevant to the negligence.

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