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Hospital negligence Claim

Hospital pathology error leads to unnecessary operation and permanent damage


Our client who is in her 80s developed a lump near her ear and investigations involved taking a biopsy.

She was advised that the results of the tests detected cancer and she needed surgery. Susan was reluctant to have the surgery as she’d been through a lot in the preceding years but was persuaded that the operation was needed to save her life.

She had the surgery and when the lump was removed and tested it was confirmed that there had been a mix up in the pathology lab – they had confused a breast sample with her tissue sample and her lump wasn’t cancerous and the operation was totally unnecessary.

The surgery left her with symptoms that she wouldn’t otherwise have had to put up with including hearing issues, facial palsy, a hoarse voice, and psychological distress that has affected how she copes on a daily basis.

The pathology lab’s systems were not what they should have been, and we were able to obtain an early admission of liability by the hospital.

Whilst we can’t turn back the clock and stop the surgery taking place, we are now completing the medical evidence that will assist in getting Susan the compensation she deserves to help her cope with the things she has to deal with.

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