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Beyond Whiplash Claim

“Sarah” was awarded over £300,000 for “whiplash”

Sarah was a passenger in a car crash that killed the driver. Her initial lawyers assessed her injuries as a low value whiplash claim.

Having met and listened to Sarah it was very clear that her injuries were much more serious than the previous lawyers had advised, and that the accident had been life changing.

We agreed to take her case on, gathering evidence and getting reports from the right independent medical experts, making sure that Sarah was represented in a way that helped her to cope with what was already a stressful situation.

Whilst she suffered some neck and back pain, she had in fact suffered devastating psychological injuries that had prevented her from functioning at home and at work.

As the claim progressed, in the face of the other side’s reluctance to accept that the crash had caused long lasting problems, specialist clinicians were recommended to Sarah and she was diagnosed with disabling accident related PTSD.

We pushed on with the claim to get our client compensation in excess of £300,000.00 for the psychological injuries suffered and for all her losses, including the cost of future counselling, enabling Sarah to look to her future with the support and hope that she was worried she had lost after such a terrible car crash.

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