Andrew Milburn, Levi Solicitors, became a member of Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) to encourage and support transforming Leeds into a dementia friendly community. With hundreds of local families facing having to sell their homes or quit their jobs just to pay ceaseless, crippling care fees for their loved one.

  • Leeds Council became a dementia friendly community in 2013, working to provide practical and emotional support. Andrew is pleased to be working alongside DAA addressing these primary concerns, including financial support now and in the future, to rid added stress from the emotional implications that come with a dementia diagnosis.


  • ‘I became a member of DAA to ensure I provide my clients and their family the best possible support; providing expert knowledge on any financial matters. Since becoming a member I have the network to recommend expert professionals for other concerns. I understand the effect dementia has on people’s lives, my aim is to seek and facilitate long-term planning to meet local people’s needs!’- Andrew Milburn.