If you have been keeping up with all the drama on the cobbles you will know that the Websters have recently been through a nightmare.

Little Jack Webster had a fall and sustained a graze to his knee. Unbeknown to his sister, Sophie, the graze would become infected leading to sepsis. Symptoms of this deadly disease were however, missed by the medical professionals seeing to Jack. This would ultimately lead to him having his foot and part of his leg amputated to save his life.

Though the plot sets out a terrifying situation we would think is unlikely to happen, scenarios of misdiagnosis like Jacks are in fact, a possibility. We refer to as medical negligence.

What happened?

For those of you who haven’t been tuning into the soap Coronation Street, the background to the storyline is as follows:

Jack was playing outside when he fell over and grazed his knee. He started to become increasingly unwell.

Sophie, concerned about how unwell Jack was becoming took him to the doctors. This happened repeatedly over the course of a week. The GP’s diagnosed Jack’s symptoms as a virus. He was sent him home with antibiotics.

However, Jack was then found unconscious on the steps at his home. He was taken to the A&E department. After a check over by the doctors at the hospital who again diagnosed Jack with a virus, they discharged him back home. Later on, Jack became severely unwell. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where they discovered he had sepsis.

Jack’s situation is just an example of what medical misdiagnosis can potentially lead to. We have taken on extreme cases where a client’s family member sadly passed away due to mistakes made by medics.

So – what are your options if a medical professional makes an error whilst you’re in their care?

Can I make a claim against the NHS Trust?

Yes. If one, or even several, of their employees breaches their duty of care you may be able to bring a claim against the Trust.

In Jack’s case, one of the first things we would consider is if the misdiagnosis and the delay in treatment made any difference to the outcome. If sepsis had been diagnosed at the first appointment with the GP, would Jack have had his leg amputated? There is no simple answer to this question. We would determine the answer to this by instructing a medical expert to give their opinion.

To be successful in any claim, you must establish that the Defendant had breached their duty of care and as a result of that breach, caused the injury. This is a very complex area. Unless the Trust make an admission of liability from the outset of your case, establishing liability can become a lengthy process.

Medical negligence experts

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