Medical Professionals: Duty of care

We should be reassured that the standard of healthcare provided by doctors in the UK remains among the best in the world, and we can all agree doctors and medical professionals do a great job in treating patients and saving lives. However, medical professionals, like us, are only human and mistakes can sometimes happen.

Doctors under pressure

The media is full of reports covering the struggles of the NHS and the continuous pressure faced by hospitals and GP surgeries in managing their patients. The pressure on staff is growing and of course this has an impact on patient care. Where does this leave patients? Are they receiving the best and most adequate care possible? Or is there a risk that something may be over-looked or even missed?

Our priority

Whilst the majority of health care professionals do a fantastic job looking after and treating patients, unfortunately mistakes are made. The problem with an error made by a doctor is that patients are left to suffer the consequences – and they can often be life-changing. With this in mind, irrespective of the pressures that come with being a medical professional, their duty of care is the overwhelming priority. When this duty of care slips, like in any other profession, they must be held to account.

The role of a solicitor is to make sure that if there has been poor care by a medical professional which causes avoidable injury or makes an existing problem worse, the professional responsible is asked to explain his actions. As usual, the government and media would have the public believe that a personal injury is a waste of NHS money and resources. However, in our experience, not one of the clients we have represented whose lives have been changed by a medical mistake would agree.

The NHS is not seen as a pot of gold (and certainly shouldn’t be); however, if doctors are taking people’s lives in their hands, it is only right that the injured person is suitably compensated if a mistake is made. This approach is the same whether it is a road traffic accident, a slip in the workplace or medical negligence.

You may be able to make a claim for compensation for your injuries against the medical professional or their employing hospital or surgery, including medical professionals in private practice. We can also arrange suitable rehabilitation, recover the cost of care, any past and future losses.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in assisting clients who have suffered personal injury as a result of medical negligence. In the unfortunate event you have suffered due to the negligence of another, we are happy to help try and ease your suffering. If you are not sure if you have a claim, why not call us – it can’t hurt to ask.

For further details on what is medical negligence, follow this link to read our previous blog.


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