Moving on from our autumn successes, during the winter period we achieved some great results for our clients, recovering almost £300,000 in compensation. This article looks at the types of work that our personal injury team does, and how we could help you.

Our successes

Our successes cover all types of personal injury claims: from assault to road traffic accidents. Here are some examples of how we helped our clients.

  1. One of our clients, Miss P-C, suffered back injuries after being assaulted by door staff at a nightclub. We located the company responsible for the individual at fault and pursued the company. Miss P-C received £3,850.00 in damages for her injuries.
  2. Two clients developed asthma and suffered chest infections due to damp/mould in their rented accommodation. This was a complex housing disrepair matter, with a disagreement between the landlord and management company over who was responsible. We successfully identified the correct defendant and pursued them for the clients’ injuries. Both clients received £3,500.00 in damages.
  3. We acted in a road accident claim where our client suffered serious injuries after being hit by a car as she rode her bicycle. Our client’s injuries were complex and she required pain management and extensive rehabilitation. The accident caused her to suffer a loss of earnings from her business and she was unable to advance it in the way she hoped. The defendant admitted liability and our client received £200,000.00 in compensation for her injury.
  4. Mr P was a passenger in a vehicle and suffered injury in a road traffic accident. The defendant admitted liability, but his representatives failed to make a satisfactory offer for the injuries suffered. As a result, we took the matter to a Stage 3 hearing, where the court awarded Mr P £2,350.00 in compensation.

What makes Levi Solicitors different?

Unlike many other solicitors, we don’t charge our clients a success fee. A success fee can be as much as 25% of the compensation you receive. This cannot be claimed back from the opposition, so it will have to be taken from your damages.


If solicitors had charged our client from example 3 a success fee, the solicitors may have taken up to £50,0000 from her compensation!

By choosing Levi Solicitors, therefore, you are ensuring that you are taking advantage of the best deal on the market.

If you have suffered an injury in an accident, or as a result of medical negligence, our personal injury solicitors can help you recover the compensation you deserve. We offer a FREE consultation, so if you’re not sure you have a claim, it can’t hurt to contact us and ask! Call today on 0800 988 7756.