5 tips for a successful Personal Injury Claim

  1. Ensure the accident is documented

It is important to have a clear record of your accident, often this may be out of your control but try to obtain records, or arrange that family members do so shortly after it has occurred. For example, with a car accident you may wish to obtain a police report, or for an accident at work ensure the incident is recorded within an accident book.

  1. Visit your GP or the Hospital

Without seeking medical assistance you cannot bring a claim as you need to have suffered some form of injury. It is crucial that there is a medical record of the incident and your injuries. Visiting your GP or a hospital will ensure there is a record of your injuries and an assessment as to their prognosis.

  1. Contact a solicitor

It is imperative you see a qualified legal expert as soon as possible so you do not fall foul of any time limits that may make your claim time-barred.

  1. Provide your solicitor with a witness statement

Do this as soon as possible: memory is an imperfect science and can change over time. The earlier you provide your solicitor with a witness statement the clearer and more accurate your recollection will be.

  1. Keep receipts

You can claim for ‘special damages’ i.e. costs that you have incurred as a result of the accident, these may be items damaged during the accident or adaptations you need to make at home due to your injuries, or prescriptions for painkillers or medicine.

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