Another financial year has passed, and the report card has been completed! We are delighted to confirm that since November 2016, our personal injury department has recovered over £815,000 in damages for our clients.
John James, our Head of Personal Injury, is pleased with progress during a year of evolution in the department. “Overall, we are very happy with the results for our clients,” he says. “Whilst maintaining our premium service, we have improved our internal systems and expanded our brand and client base nationwide. If we continue to offer the best deal for clients, we can move from strength to strength in 2018.”

Autumn successes

The last couple of months has seen more successes across a spectrum of personal injury types. Here are some examples of those results:

1.  Ms W, a 90 year old lady with partial sight, was injured whilst visiting her local convenience store. She tripped over a ramp which had been placed incorrectly during a stock delivery. Liability was admitted immediately and an offer of £25,000.00 was accepted by Ms W.

2.  Mr D was injured in a road traffic accident, for which liability was admitted by the third party. Unfortunately, the replacement vehicle they offered the client was inadequate; therefore, Mr D obtained his own replacement vehicle at a reasonable cost. The Defendant’s insurer refused to pay the hire, saying that he had rejected their offer of hire. The matter went to a hearing, where the Judge awarded Mr D the full value of his hire. Mr D was delighted with the outcome.

3.  Whilst out walking his dog, Mr S fell into excavations which had been left exposed by a utility company. After identifying the relevant company, and then a long battle with their solicitors, we managed to settle Mr S’s claim in the sum of £10,000.00.

No Success Fee = more damages to the client

Our primary concern is ensuring our client is happy with the work we do and the settlement we achieve for them. Unless it is explained extremely clearly, charging a success fee to a client can put that relationship at risk. By removing that risk, it ensures not only that the client gets the best deal, but also that we work extremely efficiently to get that deal.
In the case of Ms W, if she had been charged a success fee, she may have been exposed to a deduction in her damages payment of up to 25%. Therefore, she would only have received around £18,750.00 of the total settlement.
Because we do not charge a success fee and managed to successfully recover all our costs, Ms W received every penny of her damages. By instructing us, she received nearly £7,000.00 more than if she had instructed a firm which charges a success fee.
If you choose to instruct Levi Solicitors, you can be assured that you will receive more of your damages as we do not charge a success fee. This enables us to maximise the amount of damages our clients receive.

It can’t hurt to ask

We are happy to consider all types of personal injury claims, big or small. We offer a free 30-minute consultation at the beginning of your claim; so before we take your case on, you will receive free advice on the merits of proceeding. There are no “daft” questions! If our view is that your claim does not stand a reasonable prospect of success, we will tell you. Therefore, it can’t hurt to ask us for some advice!
We will not over-promise and we never give guarantees of success. However, if your claim stands a chance, we do guarantee that we will provide our full professional support and endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
If you believe you may have a claim for personal injuries sustained through the negligence of someone else, our experienced solicitors can help. Call us today on 0800 988 7756.