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Architects are instructed to provide various services over and above drawing plans for developments. They are often instructed to apply for planning permissions and to supervise projects alongside builders and sub-contractors, often signing-off various stages of a development.
Unfortunately mistakes are commonly made, leading often to errors which are expensive to rectify and can push project completion dates back by some time.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Fortunately architects typically have insurance to protect them from claims arising from their negligence. This is called Professional Indemnity Insurance. Usually an architect, on receipt of a claim from a disgruntled client, will refer the matter to his insurer who will indemnify him (cover his liability and costs) in respect of the claim brought against that architect.

Claims Against Architects

We regularly act on claims against architects and can assist you if you wish to bring a claim. Claims can be made against architects in various circumstances, including where he or she has:

  • Provided negligent or incorrect advice;
  • Prepared inaccurate, inadequate or improper plans;
  • Negligently failed to oversee a project in the proper way;
  • Caused (or allowed to be caused) the budget of a project to be unnecessarily exceeded;
  • Incorrectly confirmed the completion or quality of works.

If you believe that you may have a claim against an architect it is paramount that you are able to provide or obtain a copy of the contract which you entered into with the architect. This will be the basis for the architect’s obligations to you as a client.
If you believe that you have a claim against an architect, contact our litigation department solicitors in Leeds, WakefieldBradfordManchester and London on 0113 2449931.

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