Road Safety Week 2016

This week (21-27 November 2016) is Road Safety Week, an initiative by Brake, the road safety charity. Brake are asking people to sign up to their pledge to increase awareness of safety on the roads by following the 6 S’s:

1. Slow
2. Sober
3. Secure
4. Silent
5. Sharp
6. Sustainable

It will only take 2 minutes to read Brake’s Road Safety Week pledge and sign up. The team at Levi Solicitors LLP is delighted to have signed up; we believe it is essential to raise awareness of the everyday dangers on the roads. In 2015, there were 1,732 deaths and a further 184,477 casualties arising out of road traffic accidents in Great Britain; this is a frightening statistic which we want to see reduce as quickly as possible.

Whilst we have all seen the jolly supermarket Christmas adverts on our televisions, shortly we will start to see the more sombre adverts warning us of the risks of drink driving over the festive period. Drinking is not, of course, the only risk you need to be wary of at this time of year; other natural risks include:

  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Fog
  • Blinding sunlight


Unfortunately, a key issue in road safety may not be how vigilant you are, but how reckless others are or how dangerous the driving conditions become. Factors out of your control could well be the cause of your road traffic accident, but it is essential that you ensure you are not one of the reckless ones. Be careful, vigilant and patient in your driving and minimise the risk of adding to those dreadful statistics.

Road Safety Week

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