There have been many recent stories in the press about death and injury from Sepsis.  Sepsis – formerly known as septicaemia or blood poisoning is a dangerous condition.  It should always be treated as a medical emergency. Once diagnosed, time is of the essence as far as treatment is concerned. This is to ensure the best possible outcome. If diagnosed quickly, sufferers usually make a full recovery.  However failure to diagnose fast or delay treatment can result in severe illness – major organ failure and even death.


Sepsis is the result of an infection which affects the immune system. Symptoms include fever, inflammation and a fast heartbeat. People who have had surgery, wounds, chest and urine infections may be vulnerable to sepsis. Sepsis can happen even when the very best of medical care has been given.

Medical care

When working out a claim for damages – it must be shown that the standard of care provided fell below what’s to be expected of a reasonably competent medical practitioner. In addition you must prove that any failures have caused or contributed to injury and loss. Sepsis is a complex condition often challenging to diagnose.   The symptoms can often reasonably be thought to relate to many other less severe conditions.

Clinical negligence claims

Cases where a diagnosis was delayed or missed because the symptoms were not recognised; given the history of the patient, the onset illness and failure to arrange for tests to be carried out have a high chance of a successful claim.

Also, once a diagnosis has been made any failures in ensuring prompt and appropriate treatment may result in a successful claim for damages – for any pain, suffering and loss of amenity suffered because of such negligence.

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