Storm Barney, Yorkshire – Flood Claims

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Blog Posts

Storm Barney

There she blows!

This weekend the UK was thrown into a sodden chaos following the arrival of Storm Abigail! Torrential downpours on Sunday evening resulted in misery and despair with thousands being affected by:

  1. Transport delays;
  2. School closures;
  3. Road accidents; and
  4. Multiple homes and businesses damaged

On Tuesday the Met Office issued a further yellow weather warning for West Yorkshire, with warnings to prepare for winds up to speeds of 80mph and further heavy flooding.
However, it appears that Storm Abigail was a light gust of wind in comparison to her volatile and bigger brother – Storm Barney.

Road Traffic Accidents and Injuries Caused by Floods

Just 30cm of water is enough to push your car off the road, sounds unlikely doesn’t it?

However, unfortunately on Monday this exact scenario played out when a taxi overturned due to the excessive floods and resulted in 3 passengers having to receive medical treatment.

As Storm Barney continues to blast us with high force winds and floods, the potential risk for injuries caused as a result increases, with fast running floodwaters and manhole covers being lifted off.

Flood Damage to Property

Our conveyancing solicitors recommend when buying your property to obtain a Flood Report and confirm that you are able to insure your property on standard terms before committing to the exchange of contracts.
Insurance policies for properties (residential or commercial) should (subject to the terms and conditions) provide cover for any loss or damage that is caused by flooding. Unfortunately, people often feel that their insurance company can act negligently and insensitively.

If you feel your insurer or landlord acted negligently towards your claim, call our team today for a free case assessment.

Contact our solicitors in Leeds or Wakefield, West Yorkshire. #StormBarney

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