Taxi Accident? You Can Claim

In the case of KRISTOPHER HICKS (A PROTECTED PARTY BY HIS MOTHER & LITIGATION FRIEND GILLIAN HICKS) v MICHAEL YOUNG (2015) a young man successfully pursued a personal injury claim against an accident involving a taxi driver for breach of his duty of care to his passenger.

The driver when he reached the Claimant’s home wrongly believed he was not going to pay and began to drive away whilst the Claimant was still in the vehicle. The Claimant tried to escape from the vehicle, by attempting to jump to the road surface, however as the vehicle was travelling at around 20mph he injured himself suffering a severe brain injury.

The Court held that the driver owed a duty of care to his passenger to drive with reasonable care, however when he decided to drive away from the Claimant’s home he no longer exercised the requisite level of care. The Court held that it was foreseeable from such action may lead to the Claimant trying to escape and that such action may be taken when the car was moving and that this may lead to the Claimant suffering some form of personal injury.

The Claimant’s damages were reduced by 50% as it was deemed that he had acted carelessly.

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