Wakefield – New Cycle Route!

A new cycle route has been approved by Wakefield District Council.

The route will connect Castleford to Wakefield, along the banks of the River Calder, already a popular route for cyclists and runners. Wakefield council predict cycle route would be complete by spring 2018.

A report to the council meeting said: “This scheme will provide people with the opportunity to ride or walk to work in a safe environment and assist people to live healthier lifestyles by providing an attractive outdoor environment for exercising.” – Wakefield Express.


Every year around 19,000 cyclists are injured in UK road traffic accidents. The cycle path will hopefully reduce the number of cycling accidents, as the path will allow cyclists to follow a path separate from the busy roads and highways that surround Wakefield.

5 Common Causes for Bicycle Injuries:
  1. Drivers failing to give way at roundabouts and T junctions
  2. Motorist emerging into the path of cyclists
  3. Sudden lane changes by drivers without seeing cyclists
  4. HGVs failing to see cyclists waiting on their left-hand sides when turning
  5. Drivers blocking cycle lanes causing cyclists to swerve into road.

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