At Levi Solicitors LLP, understanding your needs and queries is paramount. We are proud that we can offer staff who can speak over 10 different languages. So, if you’re not comfortable speaking in English, we may be able to offer you a solicitor who can speak to you in your first language.

It’s not just the western European languages we can help you with. Our staff speak a range of languages from Gaelic to Hebrew; Urdu to Cantonese.

Chinese-speaking solicitors

Alan Tai, one of our partners, and the head of our residential conveyancing department, speaks Cantonese and works closely with the Chinese community in West Yorkshire. Nicole Wong, a senior conveyancing assistant, also speaks Cantonese.

Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu-speaking solicitors

Moving into the southern Asian languages, we have a number of people who can help. For example, Afsha Ayub, who is a conveyancer speaks five Punjabi dialects and Urdu. Navjit Degun, a commercial property solicitor in Leeds speaks Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. And Rebecca Pal, a conveyancing solicitor, speaks Hindi and Punjabi.

Eastern European languages

Moving west into Eastern Europe, we have many bases covered! Our immigration partner, Vladimir Mikeljevic, can speak to you in one of four different languages: Serbo-Croatian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.

So whatever your preferred language, we are sure to have someone who can help you. All our multilingual staff would be happy to help, regardless of your enquiry. Call us today for a FREE no obligation chat on 0800 988 7756.