Working for you: Personal Injury Success Stories

Our personal injury department prides itself on the quality of its service to clients. The structure of our no win, no fee agreement, combined with the fact that we do not charge a success fee, enables us to maximise the amount of damages our clients receive.

Irrespective of the complexity or value, we act in the same professional, courteous, thorough fashion for all our clients. In the course of the last six months alone, we have worked on cases ranging from road traffic accidents causing minor injuries, right up to complex clinical negligence claims involving serious and permanent injuries. During this short time, we are delighted to have recovered over half a million pounds in combined damages for our clients, with many more cases nearing successful settlement in the next few months.

Winning Streak

Here are a few examples of our clients’ recent successes:

1). In November 2016, we successfully concluded a claim for multiple injuries sustained by our client in a serious road traffic accident. After two years of preparation and numerous medical examinations and meetings, the insurers of the at-fault driver agreed to settle our client’s claim in the final sum of £380,000.00.

2). In April 2017, we acted on behalf of an elderly resident of a care home who had been subject to inadequate care, resulting in her leg being broken. The home admitted it had treated her negligently, and agreed to pay £12,000.00 in damages.

3). Another of our clients was involved in a very serious road traffic accident in 2015, in which unfortunately two occupants were killed. Our client sustained arm and chest injuries, along with post-traumatic stress. In April 2017, our client accepted an offer from the insurers to settle her claim in the sum of £80,000.00.

4). We represented a pedestrian who was struck on the pavement by a reckless driver, causing him to sustain injuries to his shoulder, back and legs, as well as suffering from flashbacks and psychological trauma. In December 2016, we recovered £50,000.00 for our client from the driver’s insurers.

5). We have also recovered damages in a number of claims for less serious injuries. These successes include:

£1,250.00 for a client who sustained whiplash injuries in a minor road traffic accident;
£2,500.00 for a claimant who was injured at work lifting boxes, without being given any formal training or lifting equipment.
£3,500.00 from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau for leg injuries sustained by a motorcyclist, in which the at-fault driver drove away from the accident scene.

It can’t hurt to ask

We are happy to consider all types of personal injury claims, big or small. We offer a free 30-minute consultation at the beginning of your claim; before we take your case on, you will receive free advice on the merits of proceeding. There are no “daft” questions – if your claim in our view does not stand a reasonable prospect of success, we will tell you. Therefore, it can’t hurt to ask us for some advice!

We will not over-promise and we never give guarantees of success. However, if your claim stands a chance, we do guarantee that we will provide our full professional support and endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

If you believe you may have a claim for personal injuries sustained through the negligence of someone else, our experienced personal injury solicitors can help. Call us today on 0800 988 7756.



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