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Personal injury claims can be complex and daunting. People who have been seriously injured need legal support throughout their rehabilitation and as early as possible and we’re here to help you and your family.

We want to take away some of the stress, and make sure that you understand how most personal injury claims work. So we have set out the process below.

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Initial consultation

When you contact Levi Solicitors, our first step is to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss the details of your injury and assess its impact on your life and health. By the end of the consultation, we determine the validity of your claim, its likelihood of success, and the available options for proceeding.

If we confirm that you have a case, our solicitors can provide guidance on the compensation process for personal injury and explain if your case qualifies for ‘no win, no fee’ funding.

The claims process

To pursue a personal injury claim, we first investigate the incident with the help of additional experts. The claims process is tailored to each client. We will establish the details, addressing any claim issues, and building the case. We then analyse the incident to understand its causes and preventive measures. Finally, your solicitor drafts a Letter of Claim, explaining the allegations to the defendant.

Settling your claim

If the defendant acknowledges responsibility for the injury, your solicitor will initiate negotiations to reach a settlement for your claim. This process may involve various methods and stages of negotiation, such as drafting written offers or engaging in discussions through mediation.

However, if the defendant denies responsibility for the personal injury and we cannot reach a settlement outside of court, your solicitor will proceed with legal proceedings in court to bring the case to a resolution.

Personal Injury Team

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Debra Woolfson is a solicitor in our Medical Negligence department and is based in our Leeds office. Read More.

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Abigail Watson is a Trainee solicitor in our clinical negligence & personal injury department. Abigail is based in Leeds. Read More.

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