Levi’s Serious Injury team recover £100,000s for clients

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Debra Woolfson and her serious injury team have recently enjoyed major success in settling claims for clients* who have suffered because others have not acted as they should have done.

While the personal injury team has recovered £100,000s for our clients, the team always ensures that our clients are supported in their recovery post-settlement and given all the tools they need to move on from their accidents.

Serious Road Traffic Collision

Our client was 18 when he was involved in a horrific car crash.  The driver of the car that he was travelling in lost control, hitting an oncoming car at high speed, killing three of his friends.  Our client was thrown out of the vehicle, being found by passers by on the road behind the car.

We took the case over from other solicitors who, based on questionnaires (rather than meeting the Client), suggested compensation figures for relatively minor injuries and psychological symptoms.  We met with the client and his family in his home where he was comfortable. It became clear that there had been significant changes in how he lived his life, which led us to obtain specialist medical reports from neuropsychologists and neurologists. These experts confirmed that he had suffered a brain injury and serious psychological symptoms, sufficient to diagnose PTSD. With this information, we were able to negotiate a settlement, agreeing compensation at a figure over five times more than he was advised to settle at by his previous solicitors.

We made sure that he continued to receive the benefits that he was entitled to by setting up a Compensation Protection Trust for him. We also signposted him to the private treatment that would enable him to get the therapy and support that he required to make the most out of his life, going forwards.

Pedestrian v Car

Our client got more than he bargained for after filling his car up with petrol.

He was returning to his car after paying for his fuel, when a car exiting the forecourt drove into him, crushing him up against his own vehicle, fracturing his hip. He had to have an operation, which was complicated by another medical condition and had a long period of rehab. This affected his ability to do all of the important things in life, such as look after his wife, who had a medical condition that meant he cared for her on a daily basis, as well as looking after their home and their garden.

This client came to us because of an offer on a Leeds United podcast and it was therefore only right that we made sure that the extra costs that he was put to in following his team were included in the claim and paid for by the driver that caused his injuries and losses.  Our client was pleased with his settlement and the speed at which we were able to help him to try and put this incident behind him.

If you would like to find out how Debra and her personal injury team can help you or a loved one recover damages and recuperate from an incident, call her on 0800 988 7756.


*Clients’ names and the amount of their settlements have been left out of the summaries above for confidentiality purposes. 

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