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Serious injury cases can be complicated, but if you’ve suffered because of poor care this can have a devastating impact on you and those close to you it’s very important that you get specialist legal help as soon as you can. This can help minimise the effects of the mistakes made and get you back on the road to making as good a recovery as possible.

At Levi Solicitors, we do not charge a success fee and offer an initial no obligation discussion to discuss your matter. Call us on 0800 988 7756 or complete the enquiry form.

Why choose our Serious Injury Solicitors?

We know that making a claim for compensation can be stressful.

When you , or a loved one has been seriously injured the impact on your physical and mentally can be devastating. Compensation can help you get the help you need, the support and rehabilitation that you need to maximise your independence and to minimise the impact of your injuries on you and those close to you.

Our successes

Cycling Accident Claim

£600,000 pay out for injured cyclist


Paul was cycling to work when a car hit him when exiting a roundabout.

His left ankle twisted under the bike frame and his left foot was crushed between the car the bike frame.

His heel bone was crushed requiring total reconstruction and the injury was a life changing one.

He developed chronic pain and required pain management therapy including the implantation of a Spinal cord stimulator and counselling.

After getting evidence to support the intensive therapy needed, the loss of earnings that was likely to continue and presenting details of the care, support, and treatment that the client will need in the years to come, the initial offer of £25,000 was rejected and through skilful negotiations, we were able to secure a settlement at over £600,000.

How can we help you?

In our early discussions we will get as much information as we can from you and will advise whether and how we can help with getting you the medical support you may need. We will also help in preparing the paperwork to be able to help you make a claim for compensation

We will arrange to meet you to take further details and we will then send you a detailed statement for us to work on together and for you to approve so that you don’t have to repeat what can be distressing facts about what happened as the claim progresses.

If you need help with a serious injury claim, contact us today for a no obligation initial discussion. With offices in LeedsLeeds North (Moortown) and London, and a virtual appointment service, we can help you with you no matter where you are.

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