| Will writing for new parents

| Why do new parents need a will?

Writing a will when you start a family will provide you with the peace of mind that you have planned what happens to your children and your estate after you are gone. We would advise anybody with children to make a will.

| In a will you can choose:

  • Someone you trust to be the guardian of your children if something was to happen to you. This is especially important if there is nobody alive who has parental responsibility for them. Without a will, a court could have to decide who would look after any children under 18.
  • How old your children must be before they become entitled to their inheritance. Without a will, they would become entitled at the age of 18 which you may feel is too young.
  • Who you want to act as Trustee for any children you have who are too young to inherit. Trustees are the people who will be holding the purse strings. If you don’t have a will, you don’t have any say over who would take on this role. Ultimately, a court may have to decide.

It does not cost a lot to make a will, and the benefit can be invaluable.

| What if my partner and I are not married?

If you are not married or in a civil partnership and you don’t have a will, your partner will not inherit any of your estate. As far as inheritance is concerned, there is no such thing as ‘common law spouse’. If you would want your partner to inherit it is vital that you make a will.

| What happens if my circumstances were to change?

Updating your will is a simple procedure. We recommend that you review your will every few years or if your circumstances change (for example, further children, marriage, divorce, buying a property).

| How can we help?

Our solicitors are approachable and straightforward. We are dedicated to providing a personal service and work with you to put together a will written specifically for you. Where possible we like to meet our clients face to face. This can be at our offices in LeedsWakefieldHarrogate and London, or by Skype or Zoom.

At Levi Solicitors we have been writing wills and advising new parents on protecting their future for many years. We will use our experience and knowledge to draft the best will for you.

We are proud to offer transparent and fair pricing, and always offer a fixed fee for our will writing services.

Contact us today for a FREE initial discussion with our wills solicitors.

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