Contract disputes

Contracts form the heart of business. Unfortunately, when one of the parties fails to meet the terms of a contract, money can be lost, and business relationships can deteriorate quickly. Our commercial disputes solicitors can help you resolve your contractual dispute before it escalates.

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| Why choose our contract disputes solicitors?

Our commercial disputes solicitors are experienced in dealing with businesses and disputes of all types. We will give you commercial and practical advice on your contract issues, with a focus on resolving your dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

As with most disputes, the earlier you can instruct solicitors, the more likely our team will be able to resolve the dispute amicably. However, we can help at any stage. Whether getting the parties around the table for a without prejudice discussion; going all the way to a trial; or anything in between, our advice will be tailored to your business and your dispute.

Our solicitors will give you clear costs advice from the outset. For more details on our dispute resolution fees, please visit our pricing page.

| How can we help you?

Our dispute resolution experts can help you with contract disputes no matter what the sector or size of your business. We also have the experience to assist you no matter what your dispute concerns. Some of the most common types of commercial contract disputes include:

  • Disputes over payment – whether that’s the date on which payment is due, or how payment is to be made. Is it to be in instalments, or a lump sum on delivery for example?
  • Disputes over the delivery of goods or the supply of services.
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Disputes over the interpretation of clauses in the contract
  • Partnership agreement disputes
  • Misrepresentation

We offer a FREE commercial dispute case assessment service. So, if you need help with a dispute, contact us today for a no obligation initial discussion. With offices in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate and London, and a virtual appointment service, we are here to help resolve your contract dispute, no matter where you are.

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Emma Farrell


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