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About Our Prices

In terms of our wills prices, we offer the following fixed fee options for our wills services so that you know from the outset exactly what you will pay.

Your initial consultation is on a no obligation basis. Our aim is to ensure that by the end of the consultation, you know exactly what type of will is right for you, and exactly how much it will cost. You can then decide whether or not you want to go ahead.

We are proud to be transparent about our costs. All the wills prices set out below are fixed fees and we set out what work we will do for the cost.

Where applicable, VAT is charged at a rate of 20% unless specifically stated.

Our Will Prices

Standard Wills

From £350 +VAT (individual) or £500 + VAT (couple making wills on similar terms)

A Standard Will is suitable for most people with relatively straightforward estates.

What is included in this service:

  • An initial meeting at one of our offices with one of our will writing specialists. A home visit may be possible depending on your circumstances and location, or we can arrange a meeting via Skype, Zoom or other video call.
  • A second meeting at one of our offices to sign the will. Alternatively, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to sign your will at home.
  • We will provide both witnesses (if signed at our offices) and ensure that the will is correctly signed
  • Appointment of executors
  • Appointment of guardians for minor children
  • Up to 20 specific monetary gifts or gifts of personal possessions to individuals or charities
  • Nominating who the remainder of your estate will be left to (up to 10 different parties)
  • Specifying who would inherit if any beneficiaries die before you
  • Specifying what age children will inherit
  • Will written in plain English
  • A comprehensive commentary explaining the terms of the will
  • A basic overview of the current inheritance tax position (not specific to your estate)
  • Lifetime storage
  • Regular review reminders
  • Subscription to our newsletter

When might a Standard Will not be suitable:


  • If you require inheritance tax planning advice
  • If you require advice relating to life policies, pensions or mortgages
  • Where you want to set up a trust in your will
  • If you are wanting to disinherit people from your estate
  • Where you have foreign assets
  • If you have business interests
  • If we require an assessment of your capacity to make the will
Trust Wills & Complex Wills

From £550 +VAT (for an individual) or £700 +VAT (couple making wills on similar terms)

Our trust wills and complex wills are suited to clients who require more in depth advice or whose wills require more bespoke drafting.

What is included in this service:

  • All of the services included in our standard wills PLUS:
  • Basic advice about your current inheritance tax position
  • Advice about protecting your assets against future care costs
  • Advice about protecting assets for vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Inclusion in your will of a life interest trust, disabled persons trust or discretionary trust
  • Advice about ensuring that children from previous relationships will inherit
  • Advice about disinheriting beneficiaries and steps that may be taken to reduce the risk of disputes

What won’t be included:

  • In depth inheritance tax planning advice
  • Advice relating to life policies, pensions or mortgages
  • Multiple or highly complex trusts
  • Advice relating to foreign assets
  • In depth advice relating to business interests
  • Drafting letters of wishes
  • Arranging an assessment of your capacity to make the will
Bespoke Service

If the above fixed fee options aren’t suitable for you, you still have some options:

1. Once we know more about your circumstances and requirements we will try wherever possible to offer a bespoke fixed fee option at the initial consultation. As the initial meeting is on a no obligation, you won’t be committing to anything until the fee has been agreed.

2. On the rare occasion that it’s not possible to offer a fixed fee at the outset, we could agree to proceed on our Hourly Rate basis (Andrew Milburn’s hourly rate is £300+VAT). This is only likely to be the case if it’s difficult to estimate the amount of work required at the outset, for example, if we will have to liaise with third parties such as financial advisers and accountants.

Supplementary Matters

In the course of making your will you may require our assistance with additional matters such as:

  • Severance of joint tenancy £100 +VAT 

If you jointly own a property as ‘joint tenants’ and you wish to deal with your own individual share of the property in your will, you will need to change the ownership of the property to ‘tenants in common’. The process is known as the severance of a joint tenancy. This fee includes drafting the severance documents, serving it on the other owner (if relevant) and entering the necessary restriction with the Land Registry (if the property is registered).

  • Letter of wishes – from £100 +VAT for an individual or £150 +VAT for a couple

In certain circumstances it is advisable to prepare a letter of wishes to accompany your will. The most common circumstances where you may need a letter of wishes are:

  • If you are including a discretionary trust or a trust for a disabled person in your will
  • If you are disinheriting somebody from your estate
  • Or if you are leaving your personal possessions to an individual or to your trustees and are asking them to distribute them in accordance with your letter of wishes

An administrative fee associated with the cost of storage of papers applies on each file at £40 + £8 vat = £48.

If you are making a will you should also consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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