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Nuisance Claims

Businesses of all types sometimes face claims of nuisance from neighbours. Whether you are the victim of a nuisance neighbour, or someone is making accusations of nuisance against you, we are on hand to advise you and your business.

Nuisance in a commercial property

A private nuisance is where someone does something lawfully on their own land, which interferes with a neighbour’s enjoyment of their land. On the other hand, public nuisance is where it affects the wider public. It can be caused by the occupier of a commercial or residential property. From a commercial point of view, this could include:

  • Water leaking into a neighbour’s land or an adjoining part of a building
  • Noise nuisance from a bar or restaurant, or from a workshop operating outside of normal working hours
  • Dust or pollution from a factory.

Why choose us to resolve your nuisance claim?

Our solicitors are experienced in advising commercial landlords and tenants on all aspects of nuisance claims. We will take you through each step and advise you on the best course of action for your specific case. This could include an injunction to stop the nuisance and / or a claim for damages to compensate you for the nuisance having occurred. Alternatively, if you are facing a claim for nuisance, we will work with you to find the best possible resolution.

Our advice will always be commercial and practical. Our property disputes team is proud to be transparent on fees and will provide clear costs advice from the outset. So, if you would like a no obligation discussion to see how we can help you deal with your nuisance claim, call us on (freephone) 0800 988 7756.

With offices in LeedsLeeds North (Moortown) and London, we can bring our experience and knowledge to your claim, no matter where you are.

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