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What immigration judges say about Vladimir?

Immigration Judges (Adjudicators) rarely comment on the work of the immigration solicitors representing applicants/appellants. However, here are some remarks made by Immigration Judges who were more than impressed with Vladimir’s preparation of applications and appeals on behalf of his clients, as recorded in the Tribunal’s determinations:

Immigration Judge Simon Batiste

“I found the material relating to the appellant and her son to be perhaps the most impressive bundle of documents relating to an appellant that I have seen while sitting as an immigration judge.”

Immigration Judge DJB Trotter

“I am grateful to Mr Mikeljevic for the comprehensive bundle which was thoroughly prepared and extremely helpful.”

Immigration Judge Kelly

“Nothing in my reasoning is intended to imply criticism of the reasons behind the original decision. Had I not had the benefit of the explanations and further evidence that have been placed before me, I may well have come to the same conclusion as the respondent. As it is, I find that the appeal should be allowed.”

Adjudicator Ian F Macdonald

I have to say that the bundle of documents produced on behalf of the Appellant is impressive and is a credit to the Appellant’s representatives.”

Adjudicator Dr AE Thorndike

“I have to acknowledge the bundle of written evidence put forward by Mr. Mikeljevic and his firm, most particularly the skeleton argument, which was very helpful. I congratulate him on his efforts.”

Adjudicator GW Glossop

“I am grateful to the Appellant’s solicitor for providing such a comprehensive bundle of objective material.”

Adjudicator IF Macdonald

“I find that the Appellant has produced overwhelming documentary evidence to show that she is genuinely married to the Sponsor and that her children are the biological children of herself and her husband the Sponsor.”

Adjudicator Dr AE Thorndike

“Mr. Mikeljevic had prepared a comprehensive and very well structured written submission and it was agreed that this would stand as read…It remains only for me to state my appreciation to Mr. Mikeljevic for a well prepared case.”

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