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An impressive 5-year record of success


We have analysed Vladimir’s success rate in respect of the clients who instructed him and whose cases were completed during the five-year period between 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2022. We note that during this 5-year period only one of the applications prepared by Vladimir was refused; however, Vladimir advised the client to appeal the refusal decision and his appeal, prepared by Vladimir, was allowed.

This was a very difficult case. The client’s previous application, prepared by different representatives, had been refused and he was accused by the Home Office of submitting forged documents and using deception. He then remained in the country as an overstayer for 6 years. By the time he approached Vladimir, the client had a partner in the UK and wanted to regularise his stay in the country. Vladimir advised him that he had to leave the UK, that his application for entry clearance as a partner was likely to be refused but that, if that happened, his appeal should be allowed. This was exactly what happened. Once his appeal was allowed, the client was granted entry clearance as a partner and arrived in the UK.

All other applications prepared by Vladimir and concluded during this 5-year period were successful (and did not need to go through an appeal).

100% Success Rate

Therefore, all Vladimir’s clients who instructed him during this 5-year period to prepare their applications achieved their aims.

This incredible 100% success rate over the last 5 years is due to Vladimir’s unparalleled expertise, experience, thorough and diligent preparation of cases, and impeccable attention to detail.

Please note that Vladimir does not only take on clients with straightforward cases. This is evident from the case mentioned above where the prospects of success were poor. In total, almost half (i.e. 44.04%) of the clients who instructed Vladimir during this 5-year period sought his assistance after their previous applications had been refused/rejected or as criminal/immigration offenders (e.g. overstayers, illegal entrants, those who obtained leave by false representations, etc.). Whilst such cases usually have less than 50% chance of success, Vladimir has still been able to prepare successful fresh applications for them or win their appeals. Vladimir will never refuse to take your case on, however poor the chances of success. However, he will clearly advise you of the prospects of success so that you can make an informed decision whether or not you wish to proceed.

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