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The relationship between leaseholder, management company and freeholder is, ordinarily, relatively peaceful. Disputes tend to only arise when one of the parties breaches the lease in some way. If you are having a problem with your freeholder, or are a landlord with issues with your leaseholders, our specialist property disputes solicitors can assist.

Service charge disputes

Service charge disputes take many forms, and our solicitors have the expertise to deal with them. For example, we act for long leaseholders concerned that their landlord has not been transparent about the service charges; and freeholders and management companies that would like some advice on the best way to deal with the service charges. We also work with freeholders to recover unpaid

Breaches of lease

Disputes between long leaseholders and freeholders sometimes arise when one of the parties breaches a term of the lease. We advise both leaseholders and freeholders on disputes concerning unauthorised alterations; unauthorised subletting or assignment; disrepair (whether the item in need of repair is the landlord’s or leaseholder’s responsibility) and unauthorised alterations.

Dealing with a nuisance neighbour

 There may be circumstances when a leaseholder’s behaviour becomes a nuisance to the other occupiers. This could be by noise nuisance or anti-social behaviour. While many such issues are resolvable between the parties, we can help you take action where required.



There may be instances where a freeholder wishes to forfeit a lease and recover possession of a flat as a result of the leaseholder’s breaches of lease. We can advise you on your rights and the procedure, whether you are a freeholder, management company or leaseholder.

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Our property disputes team has a wealth of experience in resolving all types of leaseholder and freeholder disputes. Our advice will be cost-effective and practical. We will get to know you and understand your issue and will advise you on the most effective method of dispute resolution, whether negotiation, mediation or issuing court proceedings.

At Levi Solicitors LLP, we are proud to be transparent on fees and will give you clear costs advice from the outset. In some cases, we may be able to offer you a fixed fee to resolve your landlord and tenant dispute.

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