Right of way and easement disputes

An easement is the right for someone to go on to another’s property to use it in a specific way. Some of the most common easements include: a right of way (whether on foot, by vehicle or both); a right to park; a right to light; and a right to support.

Unfortunately, easement and right of way disputes are some of the most common neighbour disputes. This is often because one (or both) of the neighbours is not certain about whether the right exists, the extent of the right, or the way that the benefit or burden pass to them.

| Creation of easements

Rights of way and other easements are created in one of three ways:

  • Express
  • Implied or
  • Long-use

| Rights of way disputes

Right of way disputes arise for various reasons. These include allegations of excessive use of the right of way; someone stopping the other accessing the right of way; and failure to maintain or repair the right of way.

| Parking disputes

Parking disputes often arise in a similar way to a right of way dispute. For example, someone may have a right of way over a strip of land, but not a right to park. You may have a right to park in a specified parking space that someone else has taken. Alternatively, you may have a right to park in a non-specified place, but you have been stopped from exercising that right.

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