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If you are buying or selling your home or carrying out another type of property transaction, such as a transfer, remortgage or equity release, you will need an expert conveyancing solicitor to represent you.

If you would like to talk to one of our local conveyancing solicitors or you need legal advice on conveyancing or would like a conveyancing quote, we will be happy to hear from you.

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Conveyancing with Levi Solicitors​

At Levi Solicitors, our residential conveyancing solicitors in Doncaster can provide the advice and guidance you need, ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We deal with a full range of property transactions, including complex and time-sensitive moves.

As well as having a high level of specialist property and conveyancing law expertise, we are known for the outstanding service we provide. We know that moving house can be stressful, and we always do all we can to avoid delays and complete matters promptly. We will stay in close contact with the other side and keep you updated as we progress throughout the transaction.

If difficulties should arise, our team members have the experience to deal with them effectively. 

We will provide you with a full estimate of the conveyancing costs before we start work, including additional expenses such as Stamp Duty and search fees. For more information, see our residential conveyancing prices.

Residential Conveyancing

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ReviewSolicitors rank us highly for conveyancing in West Yorkshire. Read some of our reviews here.

Using Levi Solicitors for our sale and purchase was a great help and they kept us up to date and abreast of all transactions promptly. This made the experience less stressful.

Really helpful and professional, always keeping the communication clear and concise. Communication up to date and relevant to our needs. Prompt and efficient reposes to all queries and clear paperwork.

Our services for residential conveyancing in Doncaster

| Buying a property

If you are buying a property, the conveyancing process will generally follow these main steps:

Arranging a mortgage

Deciding which lender you want to use early on can avoid delays once you find a property to buy. You can apply for a mortgage decision in principle before you have had an offer accepted, which will allow the lender to do some work upfront and will let you know how much they are prepared to lend you. You can make sure that you have read all of the information that they will need from you. Having a decision in principle is also a point in your favour once you find a property you want to buy, as it will show the seller that you are organised and ready to move.

Instructing a solicitor

Finding the right property solicitors early on can also be an advantage. If you instruct us to represent you, we can verify your identity and open a file so that we are ready to start work as soon as we receive the contract papers from your seller’s solicitor. You can speak to us before you have found somewhere to buy to ask us any questions you may have and so that we can let you have the initial paperwork.

Having a survey carried out

Having a survey carried out will ensure that you fully understand the condition of the property. The surveyor will be able to draw your attention to any areas of concern, which will give you the opportunity to negotiate an allowance on the price with the seller if substantial remedial works are likely to be needed.

You should not rely on your mortgage lender’s valuation, as this is often only a cursory inspection.

A surveyor will be able to recommend the type of survey that is appropriate for the property you are buying. If you are buying a property that is more than 50 years old or a property in poor condition, you may be advised to have an in-depth building survey carried out. This can also be helpful if you are planning major works or the property is of unusual design or construction.

Searches and enquiries

Once you have found a property to buy and given our name to the estate agent, the seller’s solicitor will send us the contract papers. This will include a copy of the legal title and official plan of the property as well as property information forms and other relevant documents.

We will go through all of this to ensure that the property is legally sound and that there are no problems that you need to be aware of. We will ask the seller’s solicitor a range of questions and also apply for relevant searches, such as a local search, drainage enquiries and an environmental report.

Signing the paperwork

When we have satisfactory responses to everything, we will let you have our report on the property. We will also go through the mortgage offer and check that this is what you are expecting. You can then sign the contract and the mortgage deed in readiness for the exchange of contracts.

We will need a deposit of 10% in cleared funds from you prior to the exchange. If you are selling a property at the same time, we can usually use the deposit from your sale.

Exchanging contracts

We will agree on a completion date with you and the rest of the parties in the chain, and then contracts can be exchanged. This is the point at which the purchase becomes legally binding and the date for completion is set.

We will carry out the final pre-completion checks, including ensuring that no changes have been made to the Land Register and ordering your mortgage advance ready for the completion day.

Completing your purchase

On the day of completion, we will arrange for the balance of the purchase money to be sent to the seller’s solicitor and confirm with you once this has been received. You will then be able to pick up the keys to your new home from the estate agent as soon as the seller has dropped them off.

Following completion, we will register your ownership at the Land Registry, along with your mortgage.

| Selling a property

If you are selling a property, you can ask us to start work on your behalf before you have a buyer if you wish. This will allow us to get a head start so that we can send the contract package out promptly as soon as you accept an offer.

We will let you have the initial forms for completion straightaway. You may need to find some documents for us to send to the buyer’s solicitor, such as guarantees and planning consents. By starting to put the papers together early on, we can avoid delays and may be able to exchange contracts more quickly.

As soon as you accept an offer and we have the details of your buyer’s solicitor, we will send them the initial paperwork. We will make sure we stay in touch with them so that we are aware of any issues they may have. We always respond promptly to enquiries and we will make sure that you are provided with updates throughout.

Once contracts have been exchanged, we will obtain an up-to-date mortgage statement so that you know how much you will receive from the sale.

| Property remortgage

If you are remortgaging, you will need a solicitor to carry out the legal work on behalf of both you and your new lender. The lender will need due diligence work carried out to ensure that the property is good security for their loan.

In addition, we will arrange for your old mortgage to be redeemed.

We know that it can be an advantage to complete a remortgage quickly and we always work to do this as soon as possible.

| Equity release

We also deal with equity release transactions, freeing up capital from your home in return for a charge in favour of the equity release company. If you are thinking about entering into an equity release agreement, you need to have independent legal advice to ensure that you understand the implications.

To find out more about our services, see our residential conveyancing solicitors page.

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