Top 5 tips for a money claim

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  1. Ensure you have the right party

When you issue a claim to recover a debt, it is imperative you pursue the correct party – if it is a company you will need to check companies house to ensure that you have the correct registered name of the company, trading names can often be different to the company name registered with companies house.

  1. Ensure you have the right address for service

To pursue a claim the claim has to be served on the defending party, this must be either at the company’s registered office or for an individual their address, or last known address – if the latter you have to have a good reason to believe it is their address, i.e. they have asked for correspondence to be directed to that address or have wrote to you previously from that address.

  1. Complete a witness statement

To be successful in a claim you have to have strong factual evidence, i.e. evidence that a debt is due and owing, such evidence can be appended to a witness statement or for a debt claim to the particulars of claim.

  1. Follow the court’s directions

If you fail to adhere to the court’s directions your claim will be struck out and you will be unable to pursue the defendant again, therefore losing the opportunity to recover what you are due.

  1. Seek legal advice

Due to the many pitfalls and complexity of pursuing a claim it is imperative to seek legal advice from an expert.

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