Building Bridges – Boundary Issues

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| Building Bridges – Boundary Issues

It seems that the recession has seen an increase in the amount of disputes relating to land or more specifically boundaries.
Due to the current economic climate, you may have decided to extend your property as an alternative to moving house or your neighbour may be extending their property for the same reasons or you could be having works done to your property such as a new driveway.
Unfortunately, the increase in this type of work being carried out has led to more and more people experiencing difficulties with their neighbours.
What you may not realise is that disputes over property and more specifically boundaries are inherently problematic to pursue, can become very costly and protracted and ultimately the courts do not view such disputes in a positive way which could leave you at risk of ending up in a worse situation.
Some helpful tips if you are concerned over a boundary or property related issue which involves a neighbour or a third party:

  • Don’t jump on the defensive or the offensive
  • Check your Deeds and know your rights before you decide to carry out work
  • Seek legal advice if you are worried about undertaking the work and whether there are consequences you may be unaware of
  • Always speak to the other party involved well in advance of work being carried out
  • Think about the situation from the other person’s perspective before approaching them
  • Listen to any objections or criticisms
  • Try and find a compromise to suit everyone concerned
  • If things escalate try and seek early legal advice so that there is potential for a resolution to be achieved
  • Remember if you get into a dispute and you decide to sell your property you would have to disclose the dispute which could affect the sale

You could end up without a satisfactory resolution and be involved in costly litigation if matters aren’t handled effectively at the outset.  If you follow the helpful tips, this will assist you in avoiding problems before they arise and hopefully live in peace with your neighbours and surrounding properties.

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