House Move Gone Wrong – Suing My Conveyancer

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Blog Posts

Moving home is a stressful experience at the best of times. Luckily you can entrust your conveyancing solicitor to sort all legal aspects – content that they know best and one less concern for you!

However what do you do when moving house goes terribly wrong?

You can claim conveyancer negligence if unfortunately you find yourself in a situation where you have suffered a financial loss or emotional consequences as a result. If this seems all too familiar then you may be questioning, can I sue my conveyancing solicitors? Below are some examples:

Solicitor’s failure to properly advise on matters that may affect property;

  • Neglecting to ensure title is sound,
  • Failing to spot missing planning permission
  • NHBC guarantees
  • Building regulation, architects certificates or environmental issues or not identifying or advising on rights of ways that may affect future development plans for your home.


Did seller’s responses come back calling for further enquiries?

  • If these were not made and later realise something failed to be uncovered and ends up leading to financial loss.


Acting without authority can also lead to a conveyancer negligence claim

  • Are you a joint owner of the property and other owners decided to sell without consulting you? The solicitor has a duty to ensure there is permission to sell from ALL owners.


Purchasing a leasehold property:

  • If the solicitor failed to establish that the terms of lease are satisfactory, leading to a loss on your part.


Location Issues:

  • If the property you bought sits close to a coal mine or shaft and this was not pointed out to you then you also may have a claim.
  • If you were not advised to take insurance for chancel repair liabilities – you could end up financially liable to any repairs to the local parish, again you can take action against this negligence.


If you have a suffered a loss because your conveyancing solicitor has been negligent and let you down, you can claim compensation.

You are entitled to a professional service especially when advising one of the largest transactions of your life!

Levi Solicitor professional negligence team are recognised by Legal 500 for their seamless efficiency resolving conveyancing negligence. The team will guide you through each step and ensure to assess all angles of your loss; obtaining you maximum compensation.

Call us today to chat to our friendly professional for a no obligation case assessment 0113 244 9931.



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